About FUJISAN Fund

About FUJISAN Fund
There may not seem to be any connection between World Heritage and money, however in fact there are necessary expenses in order to preserve a World Heritage Site in beautiful conditions for future generations. For example at Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, which was designated a World Heritage Site over two decades before FUJISAN, 300 million yen is spent each year for employing more than 80 rangers, promoting conscientious behavior, and carrying out other environmental preservation activities. In contrast, there are no more than a few full-time rangers at FUJISAN.
In order to add FUJISAN to the list of World Heritage Sites and preserve its beauty for the future, we need a proper preservation plan and the expenses required to carry it out. Donations of any amount, even one yen, are welcomed. We plan to use this website to accurately disclose the current donation level and how the money will be used, as well as how past donations were used. We ask for everyone's support.
Bank transfer
Mizuho Bank branch number 046 (Toranomon branch)
Account number: Saving account 4172750
Account name:FUJISAN Fund
Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd. branch number 019 (Zero Ichi Kyu branch)
Account number: Checking account 0462786
Account name: FUJISAN Fund, Fujisan Council
Shizuoka Bank branch number 411 (Tokyo office)
Account number: Savings account 0353660
Account name: FUJISAN Fund
The Yamanashi Chuo Bank branch number 201 (Tokyo branch)
Account number: Savings account 452459
Account name: FUJISAN Fund, Fujisan Council

Donations can be made at the following financial institutions.

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