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FUJISAN Thirty-six

Make a donation and enjoy FUJISAN in a variety of cultural genres.

FUJISAN was registered as World Heritage Site in June 2013.
We are working to ensure that FUJISAN remains a World Heritage Site always in the future.
One of the preservation activities of the National Council on FUJISAN World Heritage (authorized NPO) is the FUJISAN Thirty-Six Project.
Via our corporate sponsors, we are collecting donations to support this preservation through FUJISAN-themed enjoyable cultural content.
Genres are wide-ranging and include music, literature, food, and fashion.
In keeping with the "Thirty-six Views of FUJISAN" ukiyo-e prints by Katsushika Hokusai, we are aiming to collect 36 products in each category.
Everyone please be sure to participate!

This is the current lineup of the FUJISAN Thirty-six Series. We will continue to further expand the series in the future.

☆ We are always looking for new companies and organizations which will participate in and support this project. For details, please contact the National Council on FUJISAN World Heritage (Tel: +81-3-5733-4223).

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